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Orthopedic Supplies
Various aches and pains of the body require the implementation of orthopedic equipment to help the body to heal. Among those regions that commonly need supporters or braces are the back and arm.
      Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc. stocks a full selection of the best Arch Supports, Arm Slings, Braces, Canes, Cast Covers and Protectors, Cold Therapy, Crutches and Covers, Foot Drop, Heel Cups, Home Therapy, Night Splints, Pillows and Cushions, Shower Aids, Viscoelastic Heel Cups, Walkers, etc.

Oxygen and Respiratory Services
Anyone working with patients in any type of medical treatment facility knows the importance of having the right equipment on hand. With respiratory care often the right equipment can prevent a crisis or even minimize the need for extensive treatment. It also helps to ensure that doctors, nurses and technicians can focus on patient care and treatment without having to worry about adjusting and modifying respiratory care equipment during the patient treatment and care.
       Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc. is a full service home oxygen and medical equipment supplier located throughout South California.
We want you to be your provider for all your home medical equipment needs including Oxygen, CPAO/BIPAP, Nebulizers, and Respiratory Medications.
Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc.
Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc.
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